Imagine the unimaginable, then create it
“It started as an idea the world deserved to experience”
Mercado was born out of a deep passion for connecting people, over one of life’s greatest pleasures; food. Just over a year ago the wheels were set in motion to bring to life an authentic space where people can unite over the very best food experiences Australia, and the world, has to offer. We set out to tantalise tastebuds and inspire human connection within a bustling, world-class marketplace experience... and, we achieved it. Mercado was established to take you anywhere and everywhere; to give you a place to explore diversity, create memories and unite over a mutual appreciation for fine quality produce.
A little magic in the heart of Brisbane
An experience like no other
Mercado was born to bring a little magic to the heart of Brisbane. Our produce enjoys the royal treatment and so do our customers, which is why our venue is filled to the brim with personal experiences including concierge and personal shopping, live food displays and award-winning chefs preparing food for you in front of your very eyes. The experience is truly an Australian first. Mercado was designed to deliver experience, but not experience alone. Our mission is to revive a global respect for fresh, high quality, raw produce, and moreover the precision, skill and craft involved in preparing food. And so, we invite you to join our journey and share in our appreciation for a true paddock to plate experience.
We dared to redefine food culture
This great adventure started as a series of unexpected conversations between unexpected people, that together had the most glorious outcome.
From the outset, the vision was united, clear, simple; Imagine the unimaginable and then create it.
On the journey to create, the unexpected happened; boundaries were pushed, innovation emerged, myths were shattered, legacies were set; Mercado was born. Mercado is our evidence that life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them; a meeting of diverse minds, a collaboration of hands, a union of meaningful actions. Since the ideas inception we’ve been a magnet for brilliant people, drawn together to change the foodie world as we know it. At Mercado, our people are committed to the vision of providing the world’s best produce, framing it within world-class food experiences, sharing our paddock to plate culture, giving more back than we take and delivering magic to our customers.
We harness the power to change the world.
It’s not easy to describe our universe; a world defined by diversity in flavour, experiences, innovation and people. But it is easy to describe our mission.
Our mission
To unite people over unforgettable flavour journeys under the exquisitely designed roof of our world-class venue. We’re about delivering the ultimate food experiences and driving out the next evolution in global food culture.
Our core
We are a contemporary meeting place built on old traditions; a forum that captures the warmth and heart of our city, connects people through food, unites rural and urban and delivers an environment within which we can celebrate place.
Our promise
To lead the fresh, experiential food movement and to continuously evolve a foodie paradise that delivers customers variety, freshness, quality, magic, theatre, and most importantly a space to create lasting memories.
Our vibe
Dream it, then do it, better than it has ever been done before. At Mercado we believe in harnessing our collective power to change the world through food.
Our Partners
Many hands make amazing things
There's so much to see, taste & experience