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Enhance Christmas Table Flavours with a Range of Matching Tipples

So, you’ve meticulously planned a long table Christmas spread, nailed the menu, the festive centrepiece, the Christmas music and the green and red candle arrangements. Let’s face it, you’re also likely to have secretly traipsed the shops like a bloodhound, sniffing out the perfect Christmas crackers that when pulled provide an overflow of good gifts, above average jokes and Christmas hats that won’t tear on the way out. But, have you stopped to carefully consider the drinks options that will compliment a juicy hero turkey and trimmings, a marinated t-bone steak and barbecue favourites, or fresh seafood spread?

If you’ve overlooked the idea of pairing your food with a careful selection of drinks then you’re committing a cardinal sin, with so much deliciousness to lose! At Mercado, we’re dispelling the myth that you fall into ‘food snob’ category if you spend any longer than what you would walking to the fridge to consider what drink you should pair with your meal. While we encourage you to pay us a visit and learn from the in-house experts, here are a few tips on the kinds of tipples you should think about matching with your Christmas menu, just to get the cogs turning.

Accompaniments for Festive Appetisers

It’s a good idea to keep festive season appetisers light and when it comes to choosing a liquid accompaniment, you should do the same. Canapés showcasing fresh salmon are among our  favourites and when accompanied with a moderately dry white varietal, perhaps a Chenin Blanc or glass of bubbly, you’ll be onto a winner. 

Although, if Christmas in your household starts early on in the day, charcuterie boards are the perfect ‘go-to’ to keep guests’ tummies full and where there is cheese, there is a host of wine pairing options. Match a chilled Prosecco with Parmesan, a Cabernet Sauvignon with an Aged Gouda, and a Viognier with a Jarlsberg for a light option on a steaming Queensland summer day. Pairing a light Pinot with a Brie, or a Beaujolais with a creamy Feta are some fresh alternatives for red lovers.

The Ideal Guest for the Main Event

Many a holiday table will be decked with a roast turkey and all the trimmings and along with it comes the dreaded question, ‘Would you like red or white with your dinner?’ If traditional dinner is on the cards, it’s best to stock up on both and we suggests your choose Pinot Noir and Chardonnay just to add another layer of difficulty for guests faced with answering that question.

For some, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a traditional turkey dinner, while for others, Queenslanders especially, the prospect of hiking up the oven temperature to accomodate such a menu will put fear into chefs operating from even the most air-conditioned kitchen. So, it’s no wonder so many choose to take the party outside, strike up the barbie and cool off in the pool with an ice cold drink. If this sounds like your kind of Christmas, when you’re stocking up on swimming pool friendly glassware, be sure to get a range of Beaujolais, Riesling and Rose on ice.

For the seafood banqueters among you, whether you’ve got a love affair with oysters, prawns or Moreton Bay bugs and can’t resist tantalising tastebuds with fresh seafood flavours, you’ll find the perfect match in Rose, Sparkling, Pinot Grigio and more. Check out or full range of recommendations to follow.

Delivering a Sweet Finish

The arrival of Christmas dessert at the end of the festive meal can be bitter sweet, and we’re not just talking about flavour. Dessert can seem like an unsurmountable hurdle after a full turkey dinner, so make sure you accompany it with the perfect digestif. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on pairing wines with dessert options.

Mercado Suggestions available in store:

Turkey: Bress Pinot Noir or SOS Chardonnay

Steak: Torbreck Woodcutter’s Shiraz or Land of the Vines Cabernet Franc 

Sausages: Bellweather Riesling or Roux Pere or Fils Beaujolais

Ham: Koerner La Corso and Longview Fresco Nebbiolo

Ribeye Roast: Terrazas Riserva Malbec or Harvest Merlot

Wagyu: Battle of Bosworth ‘Puritan’ Shiraz or La Curio Bush Vine Grenache

Salmon: Minuty Cotes De Provence Rose or Mac Forbes RS28 riesling

Oysters:  Chateau De Castelnau Picpoul Pinet orHarvest Blanc de Blanc Sparkling

Prawns:  BK Wines Pinot Grigio or Lamberti Soave Classico

Bugs: Puncheon Darts Prosecco or Si Vintners Semillon

Vegetarian Sausages & Burgers:  Smallfry Off-Dry Riesling or Unico Zelo ‘Truffle Hound’ Barbera

Nut Roast: Dormilona Semillon or Si Vintners Cabernet Blend

Mercado are in the midst of preparing a host of ready to cook Christmas packages with recipes that will available to purchase online, removing that Christmas headache! Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of what will be available from December 1.  In the meantime, check out what else is on offer at Mercado here.