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From Paddock to Plate:  The Butchery Story

At Mercado, it’s our mission to revive a global respect for high quality, raw produce and the precision and skill involved in giving the produce the respect it’s due by creating flavour sensations with what the land has given us.  Whether you’re a meat eater, pescatarian or a vegetarian, it’s always important to honour the food that’s on your plate throughout the process of creating mouth-watering dishes.
Our paddock to plate experience starts with the suppliers we work with, ensuring they are the best of the best.  So, in today’s blog we’ll be giving you a rundown of some of our meat suppliers and what makes them special, and more importantly, how this demonstrates  that Mercado have some of the best meat in Australia, both through our butchery and our bistro.



This vast area, bordering not only Queensland, but NT and South Australia too, is the pure heartland of Australia.  The cattle here are free to roam across organic, natural plains with hardly any fences.  They live a life free from unnecessary human interference, feeding on over 250 species of native grasses and plants.

This huge swathe of land is operated by a handful of families, working together across over 7 million hectares of grazing land.  That’s about the area of Tasmania, or 1.5 times the area of Taiwan!  Guided by heritage and purity, these Aussie farmers believe the quality of the beef is a direct product of the environment in which it was raised. You are what you eat, as they say.



The central western slopes of New South Wales are home to our 2GR Fullblood Wagyu cattle, who graze on the open ranges in expansive spaces shaded by Kurrajongs and Eucalyptus.

2GR’s Wagyu bloodline descends from the famous Takeda Farm, Japan’s premier breeder.  All 10,000 cattle have DNA traceability back to their Japanese forbears, making this one of the largest Fullblood Wagyu herds outside of Australia.

The cattle enjoy open pasture for 18 months, after which their fed a special Japanese diet of wheat, corn and hominy along with a traditional animal management ensuring the animals are happy, stress free and respected.

Find this cut at the Mercado butcher or create your own flavour combination from our menu.



Blackmore Wagyu is internationally renowned for being one of the finest Wagyu in the world.  Representing one of the highest grades of Wagyu, our Blackmore is the result of a natural, slow production process that takes four years to complete.

The cattle are located in the Victorian high country, surrounded by natural lagoons and old river red gums, allowing them to be bred and fed in a natural, clean and sustainable, with just 25 animals per 2 hectares.

Every single Blackmore is recorded with a full animal lineage that can be traced back more than 70 years and is independently assessed by meat graders to ensure the quality and consistency of the brand.  It doesn’t get much better than this.



The Limestone Coast is home to our Wagyu Beef, more specifically Mayura Station.  On Mayura Station you’ll find our Wagyu cattle roaming in rich, healthy rolling hills and fertile soils, where they’ll be for most of their lives.  With a moderate climate, sparkling clean water and reliable rainfall it’s the perfect environment to rear healthy, happy cows.

The animals are fed a traditional slow growth diet that improves meat texture, and it’s always antiobiotic free.  Our suppliers also use composted material along with traditional farming methods for the ultimate sustainability.



Goondiwindi, on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs is the home of one of Australia’s free range pork producers, Borrowdale.  Sourced from a single family owned 10,000 acre farm, animals are raised in stress free environment that’s approved by the RSPCA and APIQ.

The Landrace pigs here have freedom to truffle, play and wallow in the mud, and have access to star bedded shelters for resting and protection against the elements.

Ask our butcher for Borrowdale and you’ll taste the difference.



Last but certainly not least is our Cowra lamb, with one of the best reputations for lamb production in the country.  A father and two son team source lambs from a 150km radius of the Lachlan river, renowned as one of the most fertile valleys in the world.  New season lamb have free range access to pastures with quality grasses and are antibiotic free.

Come and visit Mercado today to discover a range of other meats and cuts.  Our friendly and knowledgeable butchers will be glad to tell you more, as well as the best way to cook your cut to get the best flavour and texture out of it.  Or leave it to the experts and visit our Bistro or the Duck Room and we’ll show you how it’s done!