From the oven
Breads, pastries & cakes baked fresh in-store, daily
Our enthusiastic team of artisan bakers bake our delectable fresh breads in-house each morning, to guarantee only the uppermost quality and freshness.
Fresh Bread & Pastry
Our products include many European decadent lines of bread such as sourdoughs, ryes, wholegrain, baguettes, casalingas and spelt loaves. Our product range also delivers a delectable gluten-free range not to mention pastries as far as the eye can see.
Decadent Cakes & Slices
Our cakes and slices range are made of only the best and freshest ingredients. We offer hand-decorated mud cakes, cheesecakes, mouth-watering slices, danishes, croissant and a wide variety of scrumptious gluten-free treats, all baked in-store, daily.
Mouthwatering Bon Bons
Our extensive line of bon bon starts with chocolates and ends with macroons… with everything sweet in between. Our chocolates offer a wide selection of single origin, single plantation and blended options delivered fresh, daily.