High end & every day meats
The finest quality cuts for any occasion
Mercado sources the finest quality gourmet meat products available. We feature an extensive range of high-end meats as well as your everyday cuts. Our in-house butcher can offer pairing and cooking recommendations to suit any occasion.
High-end Meats
Our high-end meats feature Black Angus Beef, pure bred Wagyu Beef, Free Range Pork and Poultry and Premium Australian Grass-fed Lamb. Our products are organic, grass-fed, dry-age cabinet with various degrees of marbling. We work exclusively with farmers who provide sustainable and ethical farming.
Everyday Meat
Poultry, beef, lamb or pork. Fillets, cutlets, steak, sausages, stir fry combinations, marinated products or rolled roasts ready for the oven. Our options are endless. Whatever cut of meat you're looking for, our in-house butcher will prepare and package the produce you crave.