Fresh Fragrance at Mercado
Brighten your home with florals, scents and gifts galore
The gift of Mercado truly is the gift that won't stop giving. Shop flowers, candles, soaps and hand creams galore. Whether it's for yourself or as a gift, Mercado has something in-store for everyone.
Fresh Floral Arrangements
With a special focus on styling strikingly exceptional floral arrangements by our practised florists, Mercado's flower shop was inspired by a need to send a sprinkle of Spring across Brisbane - any time of the year. Come and smell our posy.
Candles & Gifts - COMING SOON
Scents and aromas help create that encompassing multi-sensory relaxing experience. For a home decor, home fragrance, or gift solution, we have the answer with our very own Mercado brand of candles, soaps and hand creams.
The Mercado Range - COMING SOON
From tins, tea sets, crockery to scarves, socks, ties, bags, we have created and branded our very own product range. Whether you are looking for a gift or an addition to your home, look no further than Mercado. Not to mention... stay tuned for our limited edition ranges.