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The Home of Speciality Bottles
Flavours from near and far
With a special focus of bespoke products of excellent quality and only the finest ingredients, Mercado's range of beers, wines and speciality bottles are unlike anything you will find in an ordinary bottle shop. We have flavours from near and far, ranging from the Barossa, Chianti, Champagne, Germany to the Californian grape.
Boutique Brews
Mercado's boutique beers are made of the finest premium range. We stock everything from larger, IPA, pale ale to wheat beer, with flavours ranging from Germany, Japan, Ireland and Canada - just to name a few. Our speciality craft beer room hosts an ambience to make choosing the beer as big an experience as drinking it.
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Global Wine Varieties & Speciality Liquor
Each one of our products is individual and dynamic with a variety of flavours and styles to suit all tastes. Our wines offer bouquet tastes and scents and our speciality liquor showcases everything from your high-end whisky, gin, rum, to your pre-dinner aperitif and post-dinner digestif.