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Cook with Wine: Selecting the Perfect Sous Chef


Whether your menu is Greek, Italian, French or Mexican inspired, or you’re getting prepped to stoke up a BBQ and put on a spread of Aussie favourites, dinner party catering can be the mother of all undertakings. Regardless of your cultural inspiration, cooking with a splash of wine is a must! 

While you can certainly afford to lose a few drops to get an extra layer of flavour into the gravy, a tomato-based sauce, or seafood dish, when we say ‘cook with wine’ what we really mean is, make sure you’re not slaving away over the stove without a tipple to sip on and missing out on all the dinner party fun!

While for obvious reasons we caution you not to wield knives and juggle hot pans with any more than a single glass, once your guests arrive and roll into the kitchen, cooking, chatting and sharing in a flavoursome beverage is all part of an authentic dinner party experience. So, if you’ve got your chef hat on and are treating yourself to a single glass of your choice, then it better be good!

At Mercado we have two rooms dedicated to beer, wine, spirits and bubbly, so we’ve got grounds to make some solid recommendations.  In our wine room, we have a vast selection of biodynamic, organic and natural wines from some of Australia’s and the World’s most sought after winemakers.

Here’s some of our must taste Australian wines that can only be found in very select stores, including Mercado.

Mac Forbes Spring Release Rieslings
Tom Shobbrook (Biodynamic)
Unico Zelo (Natural)
Ochota Barrels (Organic)
Latta (Biodynamic and No Sulphur)
Ministry of Clouds (Biodynamic)
Jauma (Organic)
Smallfry (Biodynamic)
Castagna (Biodynamic)
Savaterre (Biodynamic)
Our friendly and approachable in-house experts are on hand to help you pair some of these amazing wines with your choice of menu for your next dinner party.  Drop in today!

Watch this space for our next feature on up and coming female winemakers who are fast becoming the rockstars of the wine world, driving Biodynamic and Natural winemaking techniques in Italy. Coming soon!